The Sad Copier

I hope that the Facebook Post relating to the heart-breaking tale of the sad copier did not cause you to call the padded wagon to pick me up. I have not gone over the deep end. I did this to ignite your curiosity. The copier story offers us a wonderful example of the saying “What you sow is what you reap” This saying simple means that everything that happens to you is a result of your own actions. Life energy is vast. The potentials that forms of life; such as human beings, have to tap into this life energy is equally vast. This dimension is actually too overwhelming even for a species with an advanced consciousness capacity.

Let’s go back to the copier before we continue the discussion on conscious expansion. I have witnessed a plausible and easily verifiable confirmation to the saying from above. I do this every week through my observations of those individuals that use the copier on a daily basis. I have developed a unique partnership with the copier. I have had countless experiences with the copier. Many times there has been someone who has attempted to use the copier. This results often in a paper jam. I often hear the statement “I didn’t do anything wrong, but the machine won’t work”. Or “Why does the machine continue to jam, I have not done anything wrong”.

I feel a lot of frustrations and the demand for quick results when I offer to assist the person having difficulty with copier. I then do something that usually causes the person to roll his or her eyes. It is clear that this person can not relate to what I wish to do with the machine.

I usually run my hand over the copier in a soothing manner. Sometimes I will say something nice to the machine. What I am actually doing during this physical contact with the copier is what I call an energy transfer. This energy is life energy. It is our essence. You may insist that a copier machine is lifeless, this is however not exactly true. The copier has basically what you or I give it. It may appear inanimate, but it can quickly become a conductor of the human conceptually produced energy that you release into it.

What is that? Human conceptually produced energy is not the same as life energy. Life / life energy is neutral. The level of conscious in a species determines the ignition and polarization of life consciousness in the universe. I would prefer not to discuss this statement in any further details. Silence your thoughts for a moment. Can you remember a particular situation when you felt a given emotion response or reacted to something in a conditioned manner? Do you remember how and what happened in that moment in your immediate surroundings and even beyond? Would it be correct to say that the events of your surroundings reflected your use of life energy?

How can we tap into life energy and in the same moment releasing the influence of our form consciousness? We will discuss this and cause and effect in relation to our level of life awareness in a follow-up blog entry.

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