The Search for Consciousness: What about Space?

Space, the final frontier…I am sure almost everyone is familiar with this introduction from Star Trek. That is however not what we are going to considered today. Maybe someday we will have a Trekkie discussion day; but not today. The space that is being referred to here is everything and everywhere. It is the void. Everyone is always considered consciousness; universal consciousness to be more exact. What about Space?

There is no universal consciousness! You are now thinking; has Steve gone mad. Everyone who is or has awakened “consciously” knows that there is a universal consciousness. I am not dismissing universal consciousness as a possibility. I only wish to suggest that perhaps we are looking at things from a clouded perspective. I woke up today with an insight that resonated throughout me mentally and physically. The above idea fascinates me.


Many awakened and awakening individuals experience a melting bond between other form objects. We are convinced that this is happening through a field of universal consciousness energy. Many human beings are aware of a connection with this dimension of universal consciousness. But what if it is not what we have told ourselves it is? What if it is something complete different?

What if consciousness is generated locally, expands locally and returns to a local point of origin?

It would be easy to get confused about what is really happening when localized consciousness is being generated. Everything that we have thought of, considered and pondered on would still hold true.

There is a frequency of conscious energy. There is life energy. Both are being released into a dimension of space (nothingness) Space, life energy and localized conscious energy is responsible for the manifestation of everything. To say that universal consciousness is responsible for everything just does not feel right. This could be consider as similar to saying that there is a God responsible for everything. More and more people are considering and accepting that each form object is God. Every form is in essence the totality of everything.

We somehow are trying to “obtain” universal consciousness; even if we are not willing to admit it. I ask again; what about space. Isn’t it the nothing of everything (space) that is filled with localized mental, conscious energy and life energy? Are we really adding conscious and mental energy to a field of consciousness? Or are we emitting localized energy strictly into a field of space nothingness? Perhaps human beings should consider the possibilities available in the dimension of space and not in a dimension of consciousness. We are truly manifesting our existence content and the universe through the mental / conscious / life energy that we generate.

I may be walking a fine line in reference to Space and universal consciousness. I really went down the Wonderland rabbit hole for this topic. It is however something to consider. How would it benefit our awareness and awakening when we flip the coin and consider “space” as the primary element that transfers the nothing into everything. I wish to add that I feel confident that space is a void that is necessary for all energy (mental, conscious, life). Space is always there. It contains not only energy. It contains everything. Consciousness, as well as everything exists in this dimension of space.

Best wishes to everyone

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