The Trouble with “But”

But what if “this” will happen or what if “that” will happen? This is often a typical thought induced behavior or inner reaction to any given situation whereby a person has perhaps made a decision or has an opinion about something. The key element for us to consider here is what our “thoughts” do to our body, the consciousness energy dimension (everything that “is”) and inner and outer consciousness frequency output during such situations.

I was delighted to witness this (thought influence / lack of thought influence) the other day as I cleaned my apartment. Cleaning is a form of meditation that I enjoy very much. There was a moment during the cleaning when I became very aware of a type of freedom that engulfed my entire person. I reflected on this for a moment; then continued cleaning. This feather-light feeling of freedom continued. I first enjoyed this sensation by simply experiencing it without assumption, definition or judgment.

Then I was overwhelmed by the simplicity of the moment. I instantly sensed “why” I felt so unrestricted during my cleaning. The trains of thoughts that accompany us constantly were not the “ground zero” for my mental or bodily actions during the apartment cleaning. You may ask how is it possible to have mental process activities during any given situation or activity without actually having or needing thoughts. It is possible. This was the delight I experienced during this free-falling sensation. There were apparently many thoughts continually flying around in my mind. But I realized that the thoughts were there doing what they do; but without any additional acknowledgement or energy usage from me. We can say this in another way. “It was possible during this experience to exist naturally, unencumbered by the activities of the mind (thoughts and even emotions).”

It was an experience of being in the dimension of consciousness. The activities of mind and body continued naturally; only mind and body where not dominating my existence in this particular experience. It could be considered as truly “being” the consciousness that we are (oneness) and experiencing the human form (mind, body, form self-consciousness) from this state of aware oneness. This experience was very fulfilling.

We had started this discussion by considering the ramifications of thought interference which usually occurs during any situation. This is when thoughts inject mental barriers that obstruct the union with the ever-lasting field of totality. An emotional reaction often accompanies these thought outburst. We call this emotion fear. What is this “but” or “what if” or “it wouldn’t work” which are conjured up in our thought patterns in a given situation? This occurs each time the mind and body overwhelm the natural state of functional “being” or “isness”. We become overpowered by the mental activities of the mind.

This particular fear is conditioned. It lays in the background of our mind processes. The “but” and any other deterrent to the union with oneness is a “phantom fear”. It does not actually exist…never has and never will. This type of fear is an illusion based on stored experiences in our memory. The behavior responses to situations whereby mind and thoughts dominate coincide with experiences that have been stored in our memory. (We should not insist that this type of human behavior has been damaging to the expansion of consciousness. The developments of mind, body and consciousness have occurred according to patterns of evolution.)

We are however being very aware of the possibilities available through active awareness and a shift in our perspectives from strictly human oriented to universal consciousness. The video clip from J. Krishnamurti sheds more light unto what I have attempted to describe above.

Best wishes


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