The Universe


The universe appears so vast and yet is still expanding. The human consciousness is evolutionarily speaking vast but still very young. It is also expanding. Have you considered the extent of the human consciousness? How far will the human consciousness expand before it reunites with the totality of universal consciousness? Can this and will this every happen?

Such a reunion with total consciousness would seem possible but not inevitably. The expanding universe may have a correlation with our human consciousness. What if the boundaries of the universe are subjected to restrains and limitation that are the result of “mind” interference?

Has the development of the human mind in addition to the awakening of self-consciousness established the universe as we now know it? That there was a universe there before the evolutionary development of humankind is obvious. However humankind as acquired a level of self-consciousness that gives it access to the conscious mechanics of the universe and beyond. The mind has succeeded in setting restrictions and limitations on our form consciousness; thus our existence, every minute. Therefore it is possible that we have been literally affecting the limitation / expansion of the universe.
Many people worldwide have had experiences concerning how the mind can influence outcome directly and indirectly. This occurs often on a level that can only be experienced when we have reached a unification between mind and human / life consciousness.

My experiences with this unification involve me witnessing how the human mind adjusts its dominating role as pilot to co-pilot in a moment of acceptance / awareness. The human consciousness then resumes it normal role as pilot. The human consciousness will tirelessly and effortlessly bring us “home” when we don’t allow the mind / thoughts to interfere. It instinctively knows the way back home to universal consciousness. This is because the human consciousness is actually a derivative of total consciousness. It knows and feels the energy flow of oneness.

Our mind places limitations of everything; including the universe. These restrictions, manipulations and limits will persist until consciousness is once again accepted as the true pilot of our existence.

It would be wonderful to witness human beings achieve a harmony between mind and consciousness. The mind is unfortunately plagued with too many factors of species evolution such as emotions, ego and even creative intelligence. A simple adjustment from mind dominance to conscious awareness / acceptance could establish a natural flow of life through the form mind / form consciousness and back into itself.

Best wishes to everyone

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