The world, the Universe and You

The world is in us. We are not in this world. We are this whole world, the universe and consciously speaking, life itself. You are a person in the spirit, not a spirit in a person. We are definitely not just a human being. Acknowledging and confining ourselves to the level of strictly human being automatically restricts us.

We then believe only the things relevant to this human existence. We, as a unit or species, then share these assumptions and beliefs, which are then given to the universe.

These; in turn, are interpreted by the universe and given back to us. The universal intelligence will accommodate our thoughts and desires as we have offered them to it. This is often in the form of countless misinterpretations about life. That which we give out is that which we will receive. Why does the universe do this; because we are the universe.

Whatever you think, feel, or do becomes part of a manifestation process that is energized through the output of living conscious objects. Do you want your human experience, the world and even the universe to be different; to be more than it is now? Everything starts and stops with each and every one of us.

A change is required. A shift in how each of us sees our self, the world and the universe.

You have the magnificent ability to change the very structure of the universe. This can happen now; in this moment. You have the knowledge of everything and can innately sense it. You are everything. A shift will first begin when you are prepared to awaken, accept and change.

Those who know do not speak;
Those who speak do not know.

Stop up the openings,
Close down the doors,
Rub off the sharp edges.
Unravel all confusion.
Harmonize the light,
Give up contention:
This is called finding the unity of life.

When love and hatred cannot affect you,
Profit and loss cannot touch you,
Praise and blame cannot ruffle you,
You are honored by all the world.

– Lao Tzu




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