There is no Fear in Life

There is no fear in life. A natural behavioral action that is present in all living forms has been labeled “Fear”. Human beings need words and symbols. This is how we interact with life.

We have allowed our interpretation of a word called fear to take control of our relationship with life. Humankind has inflected his existence in life with fear. We have established fear as a necessary component of life. This is however not true. Our species has prioritized fear. Fear has become a lingering phantom that is always there; always ready to pounce when we interact with the illusion of life that we have created.

Human beings are notorious for manipulating and exploiting the natural simplicity of life. We do this repeatedly and continuously. Why can’t we just stop accepting the restrictive, manipulative illusion of life that we have created to explain life. Humankind has so cleverly crafted this illusion throughout the development of our form consciousness. The evolutionary developments of our intelligence, creativity and countless other elements have greatly added to our misery.

We can’t go back to a simpler time, there is only now. We should not even attempt to go back or for that matter we should not insist on always going forward. Being here now, experiencing now and living now are all that is real. The rest will take care of itself in its own way and at its own pace if it were possible for us to accept this truth.

Ralph Smart has wonderful insight to share with us. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Best wishes

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