There is Nothing to Lose

Are you afraid to lose something or someone? If the answer is yes; you are not alone. We all have this underlining anxiety; often fear. This can be a difficult topic to discuss. This is due to its nature; as well as your present understanding of awakened consciousness. I wish to repeat a statement from previous Posts to illustrate what I am referring to. We are sharing ideas and intuitions concerning something that we have labeled spirituality. We reflect and expand our field of logic, perception and ultimately universal consciousness. This expansion occurs through the signposts we acquire on the way. We (consciousness) vibrate increasingly in accordance with the stepping stones that we use individually and collectively in our existence. This process is not something that can not be religiously or scientifically explained; not truly.

However we relentlessly try to do exactly that; we use instruments of our human development in attempts to explain everything. We at least believe that we can explain everything in this manner. I wish to assure everyone that I do not understand what (it) is… nor do I feel that anyone does. We are it; how can we truly explain being it. It also does not mean that we must understand it to be it. I, as I feel many of you, wish to simply share and expand that which we somehow feel but can not explain.

More and more people are consciously awakening. This very awakening initiates a continual more resounding vibration in the field of totality (consciousness). The intensity of this vibration grows with each species conscious awakening. The image of a pebble being thrown into a pool of water offers a nice example of our awakening and conscious awareness as the ripples spread outward. The point of awakening is the stone entering the water (field of consciousness). The ripples are the continual awareness to and acceptance of, this vibrating source.

Experiences and situation suddenly start appearing naturally after the initial awakening. This is when we witness events that we have labeled miracles. Now let us go back to our discussion topic; Nothing to Lose. There are experiences in our existence that most of us have considered unexplainable. These experiences leave us in a state of fulfillment or balance. We don’t know how it occurred; but we have become something that we may have asked for or desired to become. We usually define these experiences as being coincident, fate or luck when it occurs. That these gifts are the direct result of our union with universal consciousness is seldom considered. The acknowledgment of this gift is offered through the awakening…the union with this frequency.

The expanding ripple of consciousness is doing its thing at that given moment of awareness during any situation in our existence. This may appear to be a gift that has been given to you. The amazing truth is that you have manifested this gift. It is your cooperation with the dimension of consciousness that has manifested something from nothing. We tend to view our experiences as a series of highs and lows. These highs and lows are self-projected. What if there was only one state of being? (This; of course, is the true state of being.) This dimension can only be.

Let Go: Lose Nothing: Experience Everything

It doesn’t do anything except be and it does not really even do this; it just is. This ties in directly with confusing assumptions of humankind that defy oneness and assumes duality. A few of these assumptions are as follows. There is a God; there are different Gods, the belief in reincarnation (many lives) and demands for a God, universe or life that uses fairness as its fundamental principle.

I have included a video clip that does not correspond directly with this Post. The video is offered as a reminder. There is no we; whether from the perceptive of life, human species or universal consciousness. It illustrates that we are hurting, we are destroying…and we don’t even know why? What is actually being sacrificed? It is the sanctuary of oneness that suffers. The hurting and destruction that we believe is being done to others remains there where it started; within the dimension of one.

Hurt is the same as love in terms of totality. Moreover the universe does not choose between either. If we respond or take action to hurt or hate; then the conscious field of totality will manifest exactly what we give it. Unity with life is the key. There is nothing to lose or gain; thus we once again realize the totality.

Best wishes


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