Think About It! Why should I? I am not my Thoughts!

I don’t want to think about it. How often have you used this statement when talking to someone or to yourself? Unfortunately the brain continues to bombard us with data and we usually remain in a thinking process loop. But is it possible to do something other than to just think about something? The brain will continue to “think”, no matter what you do or want. However there is true wisdom within the words of the first sentence above. This is exactly what we should do in every situation. “Don’t think about it!” but with a slight alteration.

Don’t think about what you are thinking rather think about thinking about it. Wow that is a real tongue twister. It will not benefit conscious expansion to remain adhered to any given thought. You are opening the portal to active consciousness when you shift from thinking that you are a thought and become the observer that remains outside of the mind.

The release from mind conditioned patterns results when we start to sense the observer that is witnessing the thoughts. The thought itself is purely mind content. This mind content is wonderful for practical purposes but is deadly for awakened consciousness because it contaminates awareness to the actuality of any situation.

Think about Thinking

We tend to think we are actually “thinking” about a thought when it appears in the mind. Why did this one particular thought suddenly appear? This is the question that should be asked. You attach yourself to any given thought for many reasons. A thought has momentum due to conditioning, emotions and ego factors. This results in the observer (the one that truly sees) remaining in a state of unawareness as long as the mind continues to dominate.

However a person will begin to sense the true nature of a thought or emotion after this vicious cycle has ceased. This allows an awakening to the actuality of any given moment. Suddenly you realize that you are not the thoughts that you are thinking. You are the ONE that is observing the thoughts. You will stop listening to the mind and the demanding voice that says you are your thoughts and you must listen. The observer shifts from being passive and obedient and becomes awakened and active in each situation. You become aware. This reunites a person with the true self; the flowing oneness of life.


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