Think Less and Live More

Think less and live more. This is what Ralph Smart from Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) wishes to share with us in his Video. The first video from Ralph Smart that I wrote about in our Blog was about being free. The beauty of his message is its simplicity. He is sharing the wisdom of universal life with us. This is what each and everyone man, woman and all other forms share. We are “Life”. You can forget science, you can dismiss religious teaching and you can disregard the human life existence illusion that we have so cleverly fabricated throughout our species development.

What you may discover; if you can accept that the human species has been a victim of its own self-induced life content delusions, is that there is simply “Life”. Human beings complicate their own existence with definitions, symbols, assumptions and facts. These may all be functions and tools that we use in our day to day existence. There may even be a practical necessity to the content structures that we have integrated into our daily activities as a human. This however does not mean that we should disregard the growing human species conscious awareness concerning life consciousness. It is clear that human consciousness is only a form content reflection of the one true life consciousness. The message from Ralph Smart is profoundly simple but very universal: Stop assuming, believing, and thinking so much and “Live”.

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