Think, Think, Tic Toc, Tic Toc… Too Much Thinking

Thinking would appear to be something that we don’t really “think” about; or do we? Is thinking a choice that we can make or is it something that just happens; whether we want it or not? Any discussion over “thinking” can be become quite tedious. The more you want to “think” the more you will think. You will many times even “think” more whether you want to or not. The brain can confine you to a prison of spontaneous thinking. This holds true not only for a specific thought that you would like to “think” about. Suddenly there is an endless train of thoughts popping up in the interior of your brain. Many of these thoughts are suddenly so real and important; or so it seems.


The every running stream of thoughts is actually not that significant. Conscious awareness is the key to less thinking. It is a fact that the human brain is capable of “thinking”. But do we really need to think all of the time? It would be more precise to ask if we need to allow the brain to randomly offer numerous thought variations in any given moment. The complexity of our creative intelligence is a species virtue gone bad. We may even go a step further by stating that the complexity of our evolution / development fuels the automated reactions which occur in our brain. The brain neurons and synapses behavior are accredited to the development of our behavior patterns. Human characteristics: emotions, creativity, ego and many others have contributed to the growth development of the brain and equally our intelligence. The down side is that we have lost our true consciousness in the course of our evolution. My idea concerning this may be one-sided. It is probable that we are exactly where we should be “consciously”. What we do with the available possibilities provided through our level of consciousness is however our choice.

This is where becoming aware of “thinking” could be so beneficial to the next step in the evolution of our consciousness. Our discussion should not really be centered on a question such as “Do we actually “think” or not?” it is essential to grasp that we must not accept the random bombardment of thought patterns that tend to arise throughout our existence activities. Each person can heighten his or her awareness in any given moment. Awareness and the understanding that 99,9 % from the endless thought chatter in our brain is useless will set us free. We are often truly victimized by the recurring thought impulses in our brain. This is why awareness of time is also greatly beneficial. I personally do not “believe” in time such as human beings have established it in our existence. Humankind and it’s use of a defined structure called time is just another attempt at interpreting, defining and symbolizing form content in the universe.

Think too Much: it is Time to Stop!

Let us go back to our discussion concerning “thinking”. The ability to accept and be aware of the one moment we are truly experiencing our existence and life will help us to release our hold on redundant thinking. Most of what we refer to as “thinking” is based on events that have already occurred or others that we believe will occur in a near or far future. It is a vicious circle. It is true that we learn from experiences. This does not suggest that we must devote so much energy to “thinking” when we have a situation that can be resolved by using past experiences. Many of our daily activities could be accomplished with minimal effort if we could only escape the prison of our mind. Is the mind and thinking useful for our existence? The answer is obvious. Still there are miracles to be found in the dimension of non-thinking. Non-thinking is possible. It is quite natural. It only sounds impossible due to the mechanisms of our brain and our conditioned behavior.

This may be something for each of us to “think” about or perhaps not.

I have included a nice video from Ralph Smart. I have corresponded with him concerning his videos. I will be adding a video from Ralph Smart to different Facebook and blog articles. Ralph Smart has a genuine approach to spirituality and existence topics. I enjoy hearing what he shares with us. It is as if I am hearing a voice that is in unison with what I feel. This must surely be the universal consciousness that I feel. It is in him, you, I and everything.

Best wishes to all.

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