Thinker or Awareness: the Mind and Beyond

We are generally not very aware of life in a true sense. This causes the thinker to be easily blinded by the ego, and this can result in most of us living a human life that is very confusing and complicated. This is because the thinker has no real foundation in our human life. The thinker has opened the door, but we are not aware of it.


The decisions in our human life are based almost entirely on ego-conditioned influences. There are times when we are aware enough to allow the thinker to enter. These are the times when we are in a state of surprise. This can also happen when situations change so quickly that the ego’s manipulation can’t adapt fast enough.

This allows a decision based on the universal intelligence. Even this decision will usually be doomed to eventual failure because the ego’s infliction influences our human consciousness and the thinker in ways that we cannot usually detect.

The word “thinker” may confuse some people because it implies a process of thinking. It would be better to describe the thinker as a state of awareness that is unburdened by thoughts, emotions or the ego. A person is mentally standing on the doorway to active consciousness in this state of being.

That is why many people use the term “thinker” to describe something that can be felt in our human form but not understood. The “thinker” could be referred to as a stepping-stone to our consciousness and eventually the one true intelligence. The human conditioning factor that comes into play after the thinker has been defeated by the ego would be the “me” concept; it is the ego that causes so much confusion in both of these aspects.

The Thinker and Awareness

These two aspects are in true essence really only one.  Awareness on the level of human consciousness determines which aspect will dominate. The “thinker” and the “me” are also closely related due to the ego’s manipulations.  The exception to this bond between the two is that the ego-produced “me” appears to usually take the dominant role in our existence, while the “thinker” is placed on the sidelines of our human life. They are like two brothers, one being the larger, dominating brother, and the other the smaller, obedient brother. I refer to them as brothers because all are part of the oneness of life. We separate everything using words and symbols, but everything is part of the one truth.


Thinker: Big Brother vs. Little Brother

Just as we see in many human life experiences, it is the smaller brother who actually has the wisdom and intelligence. The smaller brother is truly wise and for the most part allows the larger brother to feel that he is dominating. The thinker contains the purity of innocence. The fact is that both exist on the level of human consciousness, which makes them both essentially non-existent on the level of universal intelligence. We are too often overwhelmed and fooled by the ego. It causes us to believe that these factors, such as countless others, are who we really are in this universe.

Best wishes

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my book “One Moment in Life”. It is available on Amazon and other book retailers as paperback or Kindle.

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