Thinking about the Thought that You Think

Thinking derives through processes in the brain. Spirituality suggests integrating practices of relaxation and release methods through meditation. There is a focus point that has remained constant for most spiritual teachings. This is the process of thinking.

More specifically, we are often instructed through spiritual / meditative practices to “stop” thinking. This is a practice that confuses; often frustrates, many who have become spiritually awakened. How do I “stop” thinking? This is a very good question. No one can “stop” “thinking”. This is impossible. The practice of spirituality / meditation is never really about “not” thinking. An awakened individual is usually taken aback by the proposal of not thinking. A person that applies more and more awareness to daily existence activities can easily lose him or herself completely in the quest to stop “thinking”.  It is obvious that the brain can not stop the many processes that occur each moment. The key may lie in not thinking about the thought that you are thinking. This sounds confusing but perhaps we can state it in another manner.

The interpretation uses by many newly awakened individuals is to stay away from thoughts. Mind / thought patterns are seen as obstructions to freedom thought spirituality. The whole concept of mind and thoughts are often placed in the category of “taboo” or “not wanted”. Let us step back from what was just written above. What can we conclude from these ideas? This manner of behavior invokes resistance or friction in the flow of life consciousness energy. Devoting more localized mind / consciousness energy to “avoiding” our thoughts will generally only cause us to “think” even more

What would happen if we were to view individual thoughts and thought patterns for what they are. They are reactions to and response from the brain as a functioning organ of the body. The endless dialogues of thoughts remain the focus point of any given moment when we remain unaware. The brain processes information. What we do with this information is significant. The brain and its functions are not the focus point of changing our behavior in accordance with spiritual enlightenment.

Disentanglement from the onslaught of thoughts is possible. This will happen when we accept that most of the thoughts that have a hold on us are not even necessary in any given moment. Have you every heard someone say that they will hit you on your arm if you head hurts? This is meant to avert your attention away from your hurting head. Your new focus point would then be your arm. Your localized mind energy is applied to your arm. You forgot about your head. The next step would be to remain consciously aware of your arm.

This practice can be useful for shifting our conditioned behavior in terms of how we deal with the brains process of what we call “thinking”. Practice becoming very aware of any thought that has become restrictive or manipulative. Then accept that this thought or thoughts are there. The next step is to become actively aware of where you are and what is happening. Conscious awareness to a bird singing, your breath or your heart beating is enough to break the unconscious existence entrapment.  It may be very beneficial for our spiritual reawakening and acceptance of life.


Best wishes and fulfillment to everyone

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