Thinking, Believing that you are the Thoughts

Thinking is not something that belongs to human beings. It is not something that we can truly control or guide. It is a biological function that should, in no way be made personal. Unfortunately, we do make it very real and very personal, through the ego’s influence. The ego has become a master at convincing us that the thinking process is very personal. It tells us that we are our thoughts.

Thinking and the Me!

Thinking is really just thinking, these are natural processes that occur in the brain. But the ego uses past experiences, combined with the emotions and fears of these past experiences to manipulate us. It conjures up illusions and fears of today and tomorrow to blind us. The ego also relates to the thought processes as being very personal. It is well adept at convincing human beings that the reoccurring thought patterns belong exclusively to given individuals or collective groups. We are normally in such a state of unawareness that we don’t even know that we are being manipulated.

This “me” has always been in our existence and in the history of mankind. It is accepted as the normal state of existence. The thinker is almost completely overshadowed by the ego. The thinker is the key to developing higher awareness. The problem is how to break the conditioning patterns that stimulate the ego, and vice versa. The ego manufactures a conceptual world that centers on the “me”. The “me” is the ego-powered force in your head. You think that you are this compelling force (the thoughts) that you hear in your head. The intensity of these thoughts depends greatly on your level of awareness to consciousness.

Thinking: Two Levels of Perspective

Our thinking seems to occur on two levels. There is a level of thought that is absorbed in the true moment. This level of thinking is the natural state of awareness that is fully conscious. This state of thinking comes from the universal intelligence. It is a state of “now” that is ongoing. It is not really “thinking”, but for the purpose of this discussion, we need to put it in context. This is the state of taking action without thought. We are connected to this “isness” of now, but usually we don’t acknowledge it.

Then there is a second level of “thinking”.  It is not, in actual fact, a second level of thinking, but for clarity and due to the use of words, we may call it a second level. This is simply the unconscious level that is overrun by the ego. The ego uses each thought, fear, and emotion for its purposes in this state of unawareness. It then manipulates the present situation to influence a given thought that it deems important. We usually have no choice and are overwhelmed by the thoughts that the ego compels us to concentrate on.


Our conditioning, based on emotions and our behavior associated with these emotions, causes us to repeat everything in patterns. These patterns repeat themselves again and again. The ego possesses our thought processes with countless things that have already happened and countless other things that it tells us could happen at a future moment, day or some fictitious time period in an equally untrue future.

Thinking: the Ego and the Me

The second variation of thinking ignites the ego-constructed “me”. This causes our true self to become lost and misguided. Therefore the ego then misconstrues the thought patterns into concepts that entail a winding, twisting tale of misconception. The ego makes a story for the “me”. It repeats saved memories of events long gone, and anxieties of what tomorrow might bring. This is where the “me” blossoms into existence. The “me” is strengthened and gains more substance due to the ego’s tricks.

Our human self is completely overwhelmed by the ego’s forcefulness. It is literally devoured and takes on a type of mutation (which manifest in form of the “me”). This “me” mutation then blinds each of us to the simplicity of the one truth and oneness of life.


Thank you, best wishes

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from the book “One Moment in Life”


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