Thoughtful Thoughts of Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is expressed through many gestures, actions and reactions. This can be experienced in all life-forms and on all levels of mental and emotional behavior. There is one particular human behavior that will be considered in this discussion. This behavior is often defined as the sharing of a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness originates in the dimension of totality.

How do we focus this energy and share it with someone or something? The possibilities are as limitless as the realm of consciousness itself. We have limited the portal to higher consciousness by developing patterns of expression. These patterns deem as catalysts for the transfer of conscious energy. This is at least what we have been conditioned to think.  There are a few well-known methods that are used to ease the transfer of energy at a higher consciousness level. We use sentences such as “My thoughts are with you”, “I will pray for you” and “You are always in my thoughts”. These are used often. The person or persons that are at the receiving end of such a sentence will usually express gratitude.

This interaction between two or more people appears to be an exchange of energy at a higher level of consciousness; but is it really an exchange? We might consider this to be thoughtful or an action initiated by thoughtfulness. It is considered to be a giving and a taking; whereby both giver and taker benefit from the experience. We perceive this to be associated with thinking. This is why the manner of thinking or thoughtfulness seems to play a significant role in what happens.

The human form; seen strictly as a species, can prosper from such experiences. It can nurture mental and emotional development in a human being. We could go on and on with this conversation but there are questions to be considered. Do we actually give someone or something conscious life energy through words or thoughts? Would it be more accurate to say that a word, action or reaction does not truly give someone or something anything?

All objects generate vibrations that influence the dimension of universal energy; thus stimulating both localized object consciousness and universal consciousness. This suggests that you don’t really receive anything when you are told a sentence such as “My thoughts are with you”. This moment of sharing allows a shift in your perceptive awareness. You realize that another person or persons are entering the field of totality at a higher level of awareness. This nurtures the ability that all life-forms have to tap into this ever flowing field of energy; which is conscious of consciousness.

Best wishes to everyone


P.S. Please remember that there is no right or wrong nor up or down in the discussions of existence and life. The articles that I share are might to be nothing more or nothing less than what you decide. There may be a stepping stone that you will find on occasion through an idea or insight that is shared in the articles. My wish is to share, learn and grow.


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