The Mind, Thoughts and Consciousness: A Great Team?

The mind, our thoughts and consciousness have the makings of an unbeatable team. These three aspects of human development have brought us to the present now. Many people are now becoming aware, truly awakening to something that has been there always; but overlooked by the majority. The sheer act of evolving as a species has unknowingly held our mind and form consciousness entrapped. Thoughts and consciousness have been the center point of many discussions throughout the years. Are thoughts and consciousness intertwined…dependent on one another? Or do thoughts interfere; actually restrict consciousness or visa versa? Discussions concerning both usually consist of a person or group of people choosing one side or the other as the point of discussion.

It would appear that both are part of a natural process that originated through our evolution. Personal and collective social developments can be seen as having both nurturing as well as restrictive factors. These factors can either be helpful or deterrent to the expansion of our mind / consciousness; more often than not they invoke restriction and manipulation onto conscious development expansion. Most people tend to concentrate on thoughts or consciousness; but usually not both as a unit. The desired hope by examining the influences created by these two (both mind and consciousness) elements is to define and conquer; isn’t it? Please don’t misunderstand. This is however a typical pattern for human beings. Seek out, assume, define and conquer…move on to the next thing or situation and repeat the same process. This is what we generally do as human beings.

I feel that thoughts need consciousness (the one that sees). The firing of our brain neurons through a web of synapses somehow creates “thoughts”. However what would our thoughts be without “the one that sees” (consciousness)? We would perhaps function similarly to a computer. The brain provides much and offers even more; still without consciousness our mind, body and surrounding universe would have no depth. This depth is the “isness” of being. Thoughts provide fantasy, inspiration and motivation. They are energy in motion. Consciousness is always in the background of our brains activities. The development of our species form consciousness has given us the potential to move conscious “being” from the background to the foreground of our existence. This is the key to a partnership between the mind and consciousness. The mind has been dominating our activities for a very long time; perhaps rightly so.

This has been the normal pattern for countless millenniums. There is now a change occurring. Human beings are freeing themselves from worn out patterns of the mind dominating consciousness. We are learning that the mind (thoughts) is practical for events in our daily human existence. But these thoughts are somewhat restrictive / manipulative in experiencing the moment from within the moment. The mind can however harmonize to the vibration of consciousness. This is a process that must be consciously initiated and maintained by a state of awareness to our true potential. Being the one “self” is simply about “being”; not thinking.

Best wishes to everyone


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