Time: Do not let it Fool You

Time is a reflection of your specific interpretation. Is this not evident in all aspects of our existence? Everything is based on you and how you define the universe. This has allowed us to reach for feats of grandeur and equally this phenomenon has held us in restrains; consciously speaking. The superimposed rules of time, for example, that have been created by humankind do not actually mean anything. Naturally these guidelines are useful in our existence for practical purposes but do not benefit our conscious state of being.

Everyone is probably familiar with sayings such as “Time flies when you’re having fun” or “Beat the clock”. Why does “time fly” or how do we “beat the clock”? These are illusion that you, me and the world collectively have established. I realize that what I am suggesting is very difficult for the mind to comprehend because, after all, it is indirectly responsible for this behavior. I use “indirectly” to suggest that the brain is simple doing what it does. However each individual is responsible for becoming conscious of the minds demands and conditioned behavior.

Consider how it was for you as a younger person and in school. Most people believe an interpretation of time that suggests that time when slower when we were younger. A typical question asked around the world is: “Why does time go faster as we get older?” What does this question tell us about the complexities of being human?

Time Demands Complexity

There are no alterations possible in the continuum of this instant. The moment is now and is constant. The concept of time is an illusion initiated by the mind through memories and conditioning. The mind projects vibrations that are capable of disorienting our state of conscious awareness.

We cohere to these energy impulses and are generally willing to play a part in this illusion. We do this regardless if the implications of time are good or bad; according to our own self-made delusion. The so-called complexities we encounter in daily activities are also nothing more than misinterpretations of the now.

The mind, for these reasons, does not accept that everything that has ever been and will ever be is happening now. Eckhart Tolle once said “This, too, shall pass”. This is a reminder that can benefit a person both mentally and consciously.

Best wishes

P.S. This article from Psychology Today discusses concepts of time.



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