Togetherness: A Totality

The key to life, consciousness and object existence may very well be togetherness. What is togetherness? This is not the superficial understanding of being “together” with other people, other life-forms or anything else in the universe. And yet that is; in essence, exactly what this may indicate. Everything is to be found in togetherness.


It is nice to be back “online”. I had decided to replace the computer that I use this past week and now understand the term “Never change a running system”. I prefer this version “Never buy a new computer unless you absolutely must”. This relates with many of our discussions concerning existence and consciousness. We could say; to keep it short, that existence content does not necessarily mean continual expansion. However expansion is essential in the dimension of consciousness; both form and universal.

Now let’s get back to togetherness. Life form behavior…emotions, creativity, and ego promote separation. This imposes a static in the natural flow of universal energy. This “static” is what causes the imbalance in our local field of form consciousness. We know that a natural frequency of life is there; but we can’t seem to stay in tune with it. What this frequency consist of is secondary. The splendor lies in feeling this frequency with both mind and body. It is essential to understand the significance of the true togetherness that is in this frequency field. Eckhart Tolle refers to something similar to this in his book “Realizing the Power of Now”.

This frequency is continual. The frequency dimension is constant. It is one. When we want or try to define, assume, want or demand we are superimposing a type of separation from this dimension. This forces a division of this frequency into various sub-frequencies that are essentially always part of the one universal frequency. You, me and every living form is born as the same living being; again and again. This is togetherness at the universal frequency level. The essence remains; but the content varies. I really feel this has nothing to do with reincarnation; although surly random form consciousness from a early existence may be present in the field of now-ness.

Togetherness Instead of Loneliness

Perhaps “togetherness” is not quite right. It might be correct to say that it is about the totality of everything. Togetherness in totality is being aware of the “I” in everything, truly everything. This “I” is in a rock, a tree or neighbor. You are even in the person that you just called a “meat-head”. This insight may help to overcome many human imposed inflections on our existence; thus creating space in the dimension of togetherness=totality. Ailments such as loneliness may eventually disappear.

How could the one “I” be lonely? The “I” is always within the field of “self”. Conflicts between the “me” and other people, life forms and objects may lessen or fade away. We can gain much insight in realizing that conflict or resistance occurs only when the “I” is fighting against it’s “self”. The moment may come when the awakened “I” will no longer see a person, tree or bee as a threat; although short-term spontaneous form conflicts are still likely to occur.

How do we reach real togetherness? Awareness to your essence in all other living beings will always remind you of whom you are; consciousness in its totality.

Best wishes

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