Tomorrow but Never Today

We are always running after something and we hurry through this human existence. Thereupon we believe that tomorrow will bring peace, but never today. We are always looking to some fictitious time to fulfill all of our expectations. This is the same as chasing after enlightenment and always believing it will come someday, but never today.


Meanwhile, we are so possessed with the next moment that we are seldom able to comprehend the now of this moment. We are living only for the next moment in most of our daily activities; which include the aspects of our thought patterns. This is because we are always anticipating tomorrow. We are anxious about a fictitious future that will never truly happen.

There are also many situations when our behavior is based on something that occurred in a past moment. However, this situation no longer exists except in the mind. Thoughts about the past and visions of the future plague our awareness to the present moment. I recently had the opportunity to consciously observe myself during a situation.

I was apparently concentrating and still I was not actually present during the situation in that given moment. This has also surely happened to you at some time. However, sometimes there is a brief second or moment when we realize that we are not truly present. I, just like you, have been fortunate and in different situations have become aware that I am not experiencing a particular situation as it unfolds. Usually I was, simply said, not aware of the moment as it happened.

Tomorrow is Today

This results in actually basing a present moment situation completely on past experiences or anxieties about the future. Generally, this is how most human beings will react and behave. These two fictional clock time periods (past and future) are based on emotions, thoughts, and behavior that has become a conditioned reaction. Furthermore, these areas of our human existence are corrupted by conditioning and the ego. Obviously, this conditioned behavior has nothing to do with this moment.

It is during different occasions that we allow past situations to manipulate what is happening in the now of life. Moreover, this generally ignites some form of emotional behavior from the past. These emotions, by the same token, are accompanied by ego-influenced thoughts. This also creates a conditioned behavior that dominates our experience in each situation. Therefore the one moment that is real and changeable is lost in mindset details. Anxieties about tomorrow often dominate situations that are happening now; although the future and past are nothing more than an illusion.

We are sometimes actively aware and can sense this dominating urgency that distracts us from the actual present moment. This is a behavioral disease that has afflicted humankind’s state of conscious being. It is why we suffer so often in so many different situations.

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