Total State of Existence

The details of our existence are not as important as the mind always insists. It is your total state of awareness within the now that is to be honored. The details of our human existence are made important by a mind that has conditioned us to ask questions and be curious. However these details have no true merit in our relationship to each other, all objects and life.


Everything within the total state of existence is as it is and as it is, is as it should be.
Let it all be as it is and you will experience all that you are to be.

It is possible to shorten the last two sentences above by stating the obvious in relation to living consciously and conscious enlightenment. This can be done by writing; just be! These two words can perhaps best express what it means to exist. Everything that exists will exist in the now.

Therefore existing in the now is a common denominator for all objects. This may help us to dissolve any misleading conceptions about everything existing separately. All objects have individual characteristics however their essence is the same. Additionally it is clear that whatever unfolds in this moment originates from your conscious or unconscious observation as both an individual and collectively.

Everything is intertwined through the manifestation of life energy occurring within and around all things in the universe. However we do not usually experience this flowing frequency consciously. This is due to interjected energy sub-frequencies that originate in the mind and restrict awareness to our object consciousness. A total state of active awareness will ensure conscious interaction with life.

Going beyond the conditioned mind imprints that have placed upon our state of aware consciousness can be practiced daily. This will allow life energy to be felt within the moment at hand. Everything will be as it is and you will acknowledge your essence more and more within all objects. Furthermore this will steadily allow more and more space in your daily activities that will be experienced consciously.

Best wishes

P.S. The video messages from Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru) offer useful stepping stones to living consciously.


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