Totality: A True Life Experience

You are experiencing the totality of everything is each moment. It is necessary to go beyond conventional thinking to understand this statement. Sages and various spiritually oriented people other thousands of years have expressed the benefits of living in the moment. Eckhart Tolle describes the present moment as “all you will every have”. Is this the totality of life?

Buddha once said that “Life can only take place in the present moment”. This is a logic that can not be disputed but the mind still refuses to accept this as true. Everything that is, was or will be is occurring in this moment. This, in itself, is a recognition that cannot be analyzed or understood by a process of thinking. The totality is incomprehensible to the mind.

The statement “totality of everything” is too much for the brain to absorb. It is more likely to avoid this statement completely or corrupt it through misinterpretation. The key to further spiritual enlightenment may be discovered when we shift our perspective from totality to everything.

Totality is Everything and Nothing!

Everything is the opposite of nothing, in physical terms. But the totality is both everything and nothing. It is defined as “the whole of something”.  What is this “something”? This refers to the moment which is the whole of everything that is there now. It seems that we are going in circles during this discussion but don’t take it too seriously. It is the mind that confuses you by insisting that “everything” needs to be interpreted, defined and resolved. However this observation of the mind during its relentless processing gives us an opportunity to consider both mind and body. You, as a self-conscious being, are able to become aware of your oneness with the totality. This is beyond mind and body.

Furthermore, this higher consciousness offers you the chance to actively participate and create how the totality of each moment will unfold based on “everything” that you contribute to it. Everything is happening now in accordance to your state of awareness to the moment; thus totality. “Life is not happening to you, you are happening to life.”


Best wishes

P.S. The video from Alan Watts has practical insights and ideas beneficial as stepping stones in spiritual enlightenment. This 45 minute clip has so much to offer on the path to self-discovery.




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