Transformation: Do you really change?

This is a word commonly used to describe the shift that occurs as a person awakens to the spiritual aspects of our relationship with life. The term often used for this remodeling of character is called a spiritual transformation.


What happens to the person during this transformation? Does the person actually change or is it rather that his or her understanding of the self changes? The answer may seem obvious and not something that needs to be considered in any detail, or should it?

Most human peoples are occupied with the belief that it is vital to establish the meaning of our existence and basically the meaning of everything. However our existence is primary dominated by two questions: why am I here and what is the meaning of life? How does this help us in our consideration of a person’s transformation to spirit as the basis for our existence? 

“Spiritual transformation is a fundamental change in a person’s sacred or spiritual life.

In psychology, spiritual transformation is understood within the context of an individual’s meaning system, especially in relation to concepts of the sacred or ultimate concern.” Wikipedia

Let’s look at this from the perspective of psychology. The terms meaning system and ultimate concern are helpful to us in this discussion. What actually happens to us, as a person, during the awakening to spiritual awareness or transformation process? There will be changes in a person’s behaviorism, preferably in all areas of our existence that can be very beneficial for conscious expansion in a life-form.

Transformation and Enlightenment

The second primary change that can occur during a spiritual transformation relates to our demand in answer the “ultimate concern” as mentioned above. This relates to our considerations of the totality and infinity of life correlating to our existence. There are many written works including Aristotle and religious scriptures that have reflected on the question of ultimate divinity.

What is the bottom line? What changes during your individual transformation to life spirituality or enlightenment? We could write several things down such as heightened awareness to life, detachment from human content structures and deeper communion with the unity that is constantly present in each moment.

However there is something that should remain present during this process. This will insure that the mind does not regain dominance in our conscious relationship with life. Ultimately you have always been the divinity of life that is experiencing itself as a human being now. Your true essence will never change regardless of a person becoming enlightened or not. However conscious awareness to your true immortality can ease the complications of our human experiences.

Best wishes

P.S. The link from Psychology Today shares information useful in explaining behaviorism.


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