Truth of Life: Have we forgotten?

The awakening of self-consciousness was something wonderful for humankind. Through it we can grasp the actuality of universal consciousness. Unfortunately our species creative intelligence, emotions and ego developments have manipulated and restricted the truth of our “being”. Science, religions or really any content structure of humankind can never be a substitute for the truth concerning life. What is the truth? It is something that can not be told; but experienced. We are conscious energy manifested through a human form. Our form and all forms are engulfed in this field.

 Unfortunately through definitions, interpretations, assumptions and beliefs we repeatedly project an individuality / separation. Mind conditioned behavior insists that there is an “us”, “them” and “everything else”.  We spend most of our human existence searching; we just don’t know where to look. A truly rewarding experience is when you realize that you will never find what you are searching for through another person, a God or any human definitions of life. There is really no need to “search”. Everything you desire is within you. It is you.

The human species, other living beings and all objects exist in the life dimension of infinite possibilities. True awareness to the moment will provide stepping stones toward reuniting with life consciousness. This may first seem difficult; perhaps even scaring. This is due to the developmental behavioral patterns of humankind. The mind has manipulated, restricted and conditioned us into “believing” in illusions about our existence and its relationship to life / consciousness.

Truth Beyond the Mind

 A shift in awareness from human species consciousness to universal consciousness could give us beneficial insights into our human form existence. This shift will make it possible to feel our existence from within the field of oneness. The human form consciousness appears to be something entirely different from universal life consciousness.

 This is only because we obscure this universal energy field with human content clutter. Human content is an illusion. We view ourselves, the universe and life based on misguided interpretation. We project this falsehood inward and outward and then complain because nothing is as we wish. Thereby we overlook the fact that we are the creators of this illusion due to lack of true awareness and a self-imposed duality. 

 An increase in awareness of life essence ensures a rise in universal consciousness energy = oneness. Conscious energy surrounds and manifests through all objects. Remembering this will allow us to experience our existence from this field of totality. There awaits a truth that has always been known.  


 Best wishes

P.S. The two videos from Alan Watts offer interesting ideas about the functions of the mind.  Alan Watts suggests how to go beyond these diversions. The video “The Secrets of the Mind” gives interesting insights into the mind.


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