Two Were Once One…Then Became Two

This may at first glance sound like a love story of two people that became one. It is however something quite different. This is a discussion about one that for some reason became two; at least this is what we have convinced ourselves to be true. This pattern of separation has been developing for millenniums. The apparent separation has occurred between our brain (mind) and consciousness.


There will naturally be several interpretations concerning this topic matter. There are also different reference viewpoints that can be chosen; scientific, medical, religious etc. Let us however discuss the brain and consciousness from a spiritual standpoint during this conversation.

Many may even feel that the one can not be without the other. What do you feel about this idea? What scientific or religious ramifications does this sentence entail? There is the biological organ called the brain. This, we may call an entity in itself. Then there is consciousness. Consciousness at some level has perhaps always had a frequency of isness about it. Consciousness has become a source of perpetual possibilities for any life-form that is aware of it. How form consciousness came to be in association with the mind is not important for our discussion.

Two are Always One

The significance lies in the knowledge that there is the brain (mind). There is also consciousness. The mind exists and consciousness equally exists whether in a more consciously developed life-form or not. Both the mind and consciousness are there even without knowing about each other. The two are however intertwined. This is true whether a life-form is aware of this consciousness or not. A butterfly is not actually mentally aware of consciousness. The butterfly does however swim in a vast frequency of conscious energy. This holds true for everything doesn’t it? We can conclude that although the two appear to be separate as two entities; they are one.


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