What is unhappiness? Let us first consider how we define “happiness”. Happiness has taken on many forms throughout the conceptual development patterns of our existence. Happiness is generally associated with content. Content in turn, is build on conceptual abstracts of how we want the universe and life to be. We “think” that something makes us happy; thus it does indeed appear to invoke “happiness”.


This however is usually very short-lived. The happiness we mentally generate is indeed nothing more than randomly produced existence additives. We develop reaction patterns, which form conditioned behavior in response to our daily activities. Descartes wrote “I think, therefore I am”. This statement applies equally well to happiness. “I think I am happy, therefore I am happy”. It is mostly a head game. This happiness only lasts as long as we “think” that something is making us happy. This game is initiated repeatedly every day by the mental complexity of our brain. It is not actually a valid happiness that we experience. It is an image of happiness that the brain has skillfully injected into any given situation or desire.

There are naturally situations, wishes and feelings that generate what we interpret as happiness. Some of these are definitely valid; still many lack fortitude. The majority of our “happy” experiences are established and superimposed onto a given situation. This is where it gets tricky. There is actually true “happiness” in all experiences. It is often obscured by mental patterns consisting of emotions and conditioned reactions. This is when the true feeling of happiness is clouded by the complexity of our long established content structures. These are based on illusions.

Happiness is synonyms with living. Living in the sense of experiencing life on a one to one basis. What would we find when we took away all of the content in our existence? We would still have the mental baggage which suppresses our conscious acceptance of life and of “being”. What if we could turn this process around? What if we were consciously established in “happiness” (This is actually true) and we then added content structures to our existence. Possibly the content of our existence would then be regarded as practical but not necessary. Then it would be possible to truly feel the happiness that is woven in the fabric of life.

Unhappiness is Only in the Mind

What is unhappiness? It is a self-inflected illusion. Again and again it supersedes the essence of happiness by casting a dark shadow on our experiences. Unhappiness is mind created. It is not affiliated with life in any manner except through our mental insistence that demands it should be this way. Unhappiness is a conditioned reaction that can be released. It is the same as any other content in our existence. It is possible to eliminate the supposed affects of unhappiness by simply letting it go. Letting go is done consciously; not mentally. There may still be situations that will ignite a pattern of “unhappiness” in your person. These can easily be assessed and released without allow mental images and thought manipulation to interfere.

“Being” is a fact of experiencing life. The word happiness signifies the act of accepting “being”. Knowing this may give us a more balanced understanding of “being” in life.

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