Unity of Life

We remain blind to the unity of life. What is life unity? What if each human individual could catch a true glimpse of life at the level of oneness? Would our state of human mind and or consciousness expand more readily through a higher level of awareness? We would then be able to let go of the many agonies and supposed misfortunes that we feel someone or something is doing to us. The human form could then be viewed for what it truly is in each moment, this being only a form. We are actually life, all life, and not just this form that life is now occupying.

There is an irony here that should be noted. The manifestation of life as a human is overthrown by conditioning and the ego’s influence. We continuously exist in a repetitious pattern. This carries on from generation to generation. It is our manipulated thoughts that continually manifest a conditioned and egoistical world.

As a human being, we carry this conditioned aspect within us. This presence takes on form due to the ego. The lack of awareness allows the ego to consume the conditioned responses and make them appear to be in our best interest. The ego is continually looking out for itself.

We remain blind to life’s true purpose. This purpose is not really a purpose. It is an act of “being”.

The content of any situation is irrelevant. The opportunity to choose is there for us every moment. When I say choose, I mean a choice that comes from a level of consciousness other than our human form consciousness. In a heightened state of awareness our choices would not be manipulated by a person, an emotion, or a situation. There would be no outside influence to distort our field of presence. There would also be no contamination from our human ego or conditioning, or at least we would be more aware of it when it happens. We could then stop the repetitive patterns that occur in many daily experiences.
Unfortunately, it would seem that we are not exiting in a state of awareness. Human beings are often greatly manipulated by the immediate situation. This results from not being present with our true form in any given moment. There is a lack of unity within the one everlasting moment of is-ness. The state of being in this one moment is our entire existence, the universe and life itself in a nutshell.

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