Universal Consciousness is a Sharing Experience

Here is an interesting experience in universal consciousness. We could also say that it is a story about humanity and other living beings. We could call it an animal story. The truth however is that this video could very well validate a feeling that we all have during our human form existence. This would be that we; this includes all forms, are sharing the same consciousness dimension.

Any separation from this one consciousness only exists in the self-made content illusions of a given species. There is an universal void which holds nothing and in the same instant, holds everything. We humans are always susceptible to the content of our species development. We generally view the universe only from within the framework of this content. Have you every “felt” something with your human consciousness? When we do this we are in direct partnership with the dimension that we could call universal intelligence.

I practice viewing everything from within this field of nothingness. What I many times experience is truly amazing. Most of the people that know me just call me unusual, not normal or even crazy. What these others “think” is really irrelevant. Feeling the universal from within this field of consciousness allows us to actually touch or “feel” the consciousness in other object forms. It is an incredible experience to feel the possibilities given within this field.

I hope that you enjoy the video. The woman in the video is Anna Breytenbach. She appears to exist within this field of universal consciousness. She has directed the energy specifically toward animals; but this is something that we can do with all living forms. This is something that is possible for each of us. It is our natural reality.

I wish to thank Warren for sharing this video.

Best wishes

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