Universal Energy: It is Your Choice

Universal Energy; what is it? Is there actually such a thing? Where does it originate? Why is it there? These are some of the typical questions that religion, science and humankind in general have always wanted to answer. It is a demanding thirst that we cannot quench. Often it appears as if we do not truly desire to have it quenched. Many religions and followers are convinced they have found the answer. This is in the form of a superior being called God.

Science uses equations, formulas and experiments to define this universal energy. The general public is torn between religion and science. There are additionally many other ideas and beliefs that are used for explaining what holds the universe together. Science and religion are the two dominating assumptions that humankind adheres to in its demanding quest for the truth.

I have written a few previous articles whereby, among others, religion and science have been discussed. This article is not about religions, science or any form of human-made intervention attempts at explaining universal energy. Universal energy was, is and well always be about experiencing it; not interpreting or defining it.


I witnessed something about the isness to now over the last few days. We should realize that there will always be oneness. This oneness is often misconstrued as duality. There will always be an interpretation which verifies duality when the universe is viewed strictly from form existence. We are now shifting our state of isness to one of experiencing the now from a perspective of universality.

The Energy Within

This is what I have increasingly experienced over the last few day. How I experienced the isness of the now had (has) a direct influence on the energy I absorb and release into the void of unmanifested universal energy. This is true for every object form. Universal energy engulfs (is) everything. There are no exceptions. We could consider it in terms of the Force from Star Wars.

Here is the one explanation of the word unmanifested from Wikipedia:

The unmanifested is the Absolute, the pure and formless ground of being from which creation and manifestation arise. As such, the unmanifested is free from change, the unmoved mover. It also, necessarily, cannot be explained or comprehended in terms of any manifest reality.”

The level of our human consciousness is the portal to this unmanifested universal energy. We are true creators that can use this unmanifested energy void. Perhaps the one necessary requirement to realize this is our human state of consciousness. Here we can also use the story of the Force in Star Wars to illustrate. A Jedi Knight can only truly use the Force when he or she is truly aware of it. This requires a state of awareness which is absent of distraction. Lack of distractions can best be maintained by allowing the isness of now simply to unfold.

Here is an example of the isness to now. This is something I experienced today. I was lying outside on the balcony enjoying nature. I was suddenly “distracted” by the sound of someone hammering nails into wood. It should be noted that I was distracted by the noise only after I had slipped out of conscious oneness with the true self. My human mind / consciousness energy than shifted from the dimension of oneness to one of only object form. This shift resulted in me focusing only all aspects of this hammering. Although the hammering was not really that loud.

The Energy of Now

I was completely oblivious to anything other than this hammering. The isness of now was dominated by the mind. I cursed the person that was hammering. The hammering suddenly stopped. I was in a type of stand-by mod. I was sure that the hammering would continue; which it did after a few minutes. Mind thoughts ricocheted through my brain. “Why was this person doing this on Sunday? It is Mother’s Day.” I thought to myself. “This person is not allowed to hammer on Sundays. This violates a town ordinance.” These thoughts also bounced around in my head.

Then it suddenly dawned on me. I reawakened to the isness of now. I asked myself a simply question. “How would I respond to the hammering if it was not Sunday?” The answer was obvious. I am sure that the hammering would not have been so distracting. I probably would not even have noticed it. Then I recalled other situation that I had deemed as annoying or distracting. I was immediately able to determine that the unfolding of every situation reflected my state of awareness to the isness of now. I determined the unfolding of the experience.

This unfolding occurred in accordance with how I was anchored in that moment with the dimension of universal energy. This is true of each of us. These distractions / restrictions occur in a moment when we are not tuned into the frequency of universal energy.

Best wishes

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