Universal Oneness Makes its Debut

Universal Oneness Makes its Debut in an explosion of full consciousness.

Congratulations to Mr. Luc Besson. His new movie “Lucy” is an inspiration of universal magnitude proportion. I recommend “Lucy” for anyone that is ready to accept what we have always known about life. Those individuals that are not willing to accept what Mr. Besson has given us will of course also enjoy the movie.

It is what we feel in the background of our daily human activities. It is that unknown element. This element is life. We “think” that we know what it is; we do our best through science and religion to explain it. But we never seem to really grasp what life is all about. The movie brilliantly explains issues of our human existence in the vastness of life. The movie overcomes the human species imposed barriers of thought processes, religion and evolution. I was personal delighted to see how stimulating the story line was put together. Mr. Besson desires a standing ovation for such a profound screenplay.

I must admit that I also experienced a moment of frustration as I viewed the movie. It might be more appropriate to say that I was quite envious for a brief moment. I could have kicked myself for not putting two and two together (in book or screenplay form) relating to what I felt inside for most of my life. My first series of books which are to soon be published contain very similar viewpoints on our human existence in this universal oneness of life. I have felt and accept the messages that Mr. Besson presents in this movie for many years.

Universal Consciousness and You

There is a beautiful hermetical message to be found within the structure of his movie. This would be to consider if the human act of always “doing” is going to bring us any closer to the truth about life. The movie also showed that there is not really a necessity for us to separate our understanding of life into such areas as religion or evolution. These are nothing more than functions within our activities of “doing” instead of just being.

Mr. Besson’s human early childhood life experiences signify what an inspired person can do. It is wonderful to see such a uniquely combined masterpiece. This story is an inspiration for the writer in each of us that wants to share the passion for writing. The movie’s story line is verification to the simplicity of life.

Best wishes to all.

P.S. Here is the link for Mr. Luc Besson.


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