Vacation Together in Nepal: Meet and Reunite as One

I had recent written an article about a vacation tour and hiking company in Nepal. I have had an opportunity to become more acquainted with the company through conversations with Sujan Sitaula. He owns the company and coordinates vacation packages for people interested in the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal and Buddhism.

I chatted with Sujan about my interest in a vacation to Nepal with a group of five to ten people in 2017 during the Tanguche Monastery Festival in November. He assured me that he could put together a vacation package that would accommodate our plans and wishes.



Would there be any individuals that are interesting in combining vacation plans as a group trip to Nepal? I felt that this would be a marvelous opportunity. It would give individuals that have met here online a chance to meet in person. It would also be a wonderful experience for individuals that have awakened to, or are awakening to a higher level of conscious existence in life. There are also the cultural and scenic possibilities to consider. I will not be able to accompany the group on the trip. I would be honored to assist in the planning of this vacation but can not commit myself to partaking in it at this time. I do hope to eventually take a group vacation with others if such an opportunity presents itself at a later date.

Here is a short description of the company for those that may not have read the previous article.

Beside The Himalayan Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is an authorized Trekking and Tour agencies of the Nepal government, launched by a dedicated team with useful knowledge and more than a decade of experience in the discipline of Trekking, Tour guiding, Peak climbing, Rafting, Jungle safari, Expedition, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Flight, Hiking, Sight Seeing and other adventurous activities. Sujan wishes to provide all visitors with a memorable vacation experience.

Beside the Himalayan Treks and Expedition organizes the perfect recreational day tours and private packages. These include day Trekking, pilgrimage tour, Mountain Biking, world heritage place tour, culture tour, city tour, mountain flight, paragliding, jungle safari, river rafting, day hiking and other different exciting holiday packages. All day tour activities are led by professional guides to assist vacationing individuals and groups.

The most popular Trekking and Touring season officially starts in September. There are many vacation packages to accommodate a variety of vacation wishes. There is a mountainous wonderland filled with beautiful landscape in and around Nepal. This area is the birthplace of Buddha and Buddhism. It is an interesting and enlightening experience for all individuals that are curious about the culture of Nepal, consciousness and spiritually awakening. The humble nature of the Nepal culture has been spiritually enriched through the teachings and practice of Buddhism.

The yearly Tangbuche Monastery Festival is celebrated from November 14th until the 16th. This is in honor of Buddha and Buddhism. This Festival provides an opportunity to experience the Buddhist monks learning and teaching Buddhism as they have done for centuries. There will be meditation periods during the three day festival. The festival gives people an excellent opportunity to experience the daily activities of the Buddhist monks. It also provides an inside look at the culture and mannerisms of Nepal and surrounding areas.


Trekking in Nepal is an adventurous and wonderful experience.  The company’s professional team is there for you. They are dedicated to the clients’ satisfaction, sustainable tourism and environment safety. Sujan and his company specialize in planning and arranging a vacation package according to your interests and time frame. He is dedicated to given you wonderful vacation experiences at an affordable price.

Sujan has put together two vacation package plans for individuals seriously interested in traveling to Nepal. These two packages will give you an idea of costs and activities. He has asked me to inform you that he can alter the length of the vacation and adjust the activities according to the group’s wishes. He can easily alter the package content to fit your vacation wishes. This is true whether you wish to go on vacation alone or as a group.


Here is the contact information if you would like to contact Sujan in regards to questions about the trip:

Sujan Sitaula

Beside The Himalayan Treks & Expedition

Post Box: 2886,

Thamel Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal


Phone:+977 1 4355802

Key Contact: Sujan Sitaula (Managing Director) Cell No: +977 9841586923 Email:

P.S. This is a truly wonderful opportunity for individuals to meet and share ideas and insights about spirituality, consciousness, universal energy, our existence in general and life. Additionally it would provide the chance to experience the culture of Nepal and the actual daily experiences and teachings of Buddhism. There is also the beauty of nature to be experienced first hand. Please consider this and only inquire about the trip if you are seriously interested.

Best wishes to everyone

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* The included video from YouTube does not necessarily represent Trekking or Touring provided by Beside The Himalayan Treks & Expedition. It is meant strictly as an introduction to the Nepal area, the people and the culture.

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