Vacuum of Space: Is it nothing or everything?

The vacuum of space is considered eternal. Here I am not referring to “outer” space but “inner” space. The infinite of a consciousness that is free of mental manipulations and restrictions. This dimension could be considered the essence of life because there would be nothing without this vacuum that allows everything. People are often confused by the idea of a higher self. The mind causes this confusion by expecting a clear interpretation or definition for the oneness of life.


Human beings have usually always listened to the mind and its demands for label making. We have placed and replaced labels on this unknown vacuum since the beginning of humankind. There is a long list of possibilities used to explain the totality of life. The explanations have ranged from demons, gods, a God and various other implausible factors.

Would it be easier for the mind to accept space as a possible explanation for the dimension of life consciousness? What? You are probably asking. How could I possibly offer space as an answer to the questions about life which, among others, include: Who am I? Why am I? Or how was I created? We understand space as being a type of void. Everything may be in this dimension but nothing “must” be within it. Is there a parallel between this description and the understanding we have about our human existence?

There is indeed a similarity, when we consider that the vacuum of space and our consciousness are one and the same. This insight leads us back to the consideration; is space the essence of being?

 Ask yourself this question. Would I exist if I did not know that I existed?

It is difficult to label a void. The mind can not grasp emptiness even if it has the potential to be everything. This is, at least, how we view a dimension that appears empty. We visualize it has a possible origin that could contain everything.

Who determines what will be within this vacuum? Pause for a moment before you answer this question. Now, consider that you are the creator who determines what will manifest in this emptiness. Here is it consciously beneficial to reflect on this possibility without letting a conditioned mind interfere.

Vacuum of Space: The Portal to Everything

There is a flow of conscious life energy vibrating through everything. Every life-form contributes to this energy flow, knowingly or unknowingly. The only difference is that a life-form with a higher self-consciousness will divert enormous amount of localized energy into finding an explanation for why this energy vibrates through everything. This behavior is similar to a dog chasing its own tail because the conditioned mind demands it but consciously knowing that it will never catch it.

Never underestimate how amazing you can be in each moment. You, through human consciousness, stand on the threshold to pure universal consciousness in each moment. Furthermore you can release the confines of the mind, thus allowing form consciousness and life consciousness to reunite in a state of pure awareness. Therefore you manifest content into the vacuum of space; thereby creating everything from nothing.


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