Valley of Consciousness

Let us consider the valley, the villagers and the train of thoughts from my last article. The short story of a peaceful valley and a train of thoughts may first seem to be…well let’s just say strange. It may however have a few valuable signposts for us. Please refer to the last article for details about the story.

The valley represents our field of consciousness (the mind) in the story. Here there is a blissful serenity to be felt emulating from everything in this valley. Form existence in this valley would be considered a state of acceptance…of knowing. The “known” is that which is and not that which is assumed. An example would be a person smelling a flower. The moment in which the flower is smelled is accepted as it is; nothing more and nothing less.

The train of thoughts in the story is very significant. We seem to lose our “selves” quite often in the endless number of thoughts that occur. The train is a way for us to give the thoughts a physical property. The villagers from the valley have learned to be aware of thoughts that are necessary at a given moment. They have equally learned to sort-out and discard the thoughts that have nothing to do with the immediate moment.
The villagers use containers and sacks for temporary storage of these useless thoughts. This; relating to the story, is only to signify that such thoughts are best keep out of mind (valley). The containers simply represents a manner by which we can mentally sort-out and discard these useless thoughts when they appear.

The villagers of the valley allow the useless thoughts to be picked up by a train of thoughts. Trains of thought are what we constantly have circling in our mind. It might be possible to free our “selves” from thoughts when we view the trains of thought as something physical. Here again the valley can be a great reminder or signpost.

The moral of the story is to exist in the moment. The moment contains everything. True awareness of this moment will permit space to appear between the trains of thoughts. This will then give us the opportunity to distinguish between what thought is needed in that moment and what is not. We will eventually hear the train of thoughts whistle as it blows its arrival. We will “know” what to do. The thought or thoughts that are needed in that moment can be used; the rest will simply be considered excess baggage that should remain on the train. There will be situations when we do take on excess thought baggage. This is where awareness of the moment is beneficial. These excess thoughts can be put in a container to be thrown back on the train of thoughts at the earliest possible chance.

This may seem confusing to some people. It is often difficult to express something in this manner to others. I feel that the valley is my true mind / conscious state of being. The train of thoughts experience is how I make the bombardment of thoughts in the mind (valley) tangible. I actually see the train of thoughts entering my valley (mind). I check the train cars for a thought or thoughts that may actually be necessary for a given moment. The other thought baggage in the train cars is considered useless. I take the thought(s) that are needed out of the train. I close the train car excess thought baggage door with a smile. The smile results from me (true self) knowing that the excess thoughts are leaving the valley (mind) immediately. Then I sit on the side of a grassy hill as I watch the menacing train of thoughts leave the valley (mind). The sun is shining. I feel very alive and free in that moment.

I have been practicing this thought release exercise. It is the same as any type of practicing. The more I practice this; in awareness of the moment, the easier it becomes. Perhaps you can develop a similar thought release exercise that feels good for you. I have been experiencing more and more space in the field of consciousness. This gives me a freedom of mind that feels similar to free-falling without any fears or anxieties.

Best wishes

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