Vibrating Energy of the Universe

The conscious expansion of our species is possible but not conclusive. We should not become distracted by names and labels in our attempts to explain or define the vibrating energy that manifests throughout the universe. It is enough to existence and to allow this energy to become more and more conscious of itself. However whether this universal energy becomes more aware of itself or not is probably irrelevant; ultimately speaking.


Everything in this world and the universe are composed of 99.99% empty space. The manifestation of this vibrating energy into objects makes it seem so real. Electrons eventually trapped in nuclei formed the first atoms. These were perhaps the first object that began the conscious awakening process. It all started as a result of the energy vibrating into a void of nothingness.

The density of this energy was enormous. It (universe) was estimated to be around 17 centimeters to 138 meters during the first stage of its expansion. (It is fascinating to read this calculation. How would it be possible for scientists or physicists to make these computations?) This is the calculated size before and at the moment of what we call the big bang.

However to ask how this energy has created everything is ultimately insignificant. There is something more prevalent in our attempt to understand existential clarity (who am I). This would be the realization that the universe is becoming more aware of itself through objects that develop a deeper consciousness. The vibrating energy flowing throughout the universe is nurtured by object created energy.

Vibrating Flow of Energy

Therefore life-forms have been and are continually co-creating with the universe. Furthermore an object with a deeper awareness to presence can accelerate the expansion of its consciousness. This process will eventually reveal that object consciousness and universal consciousness are one. The stages of our evolution have sustained a duality system in our existence that is not real. Will we remain on this mind dominated path or will our awareness to consciousness flourish and prevail?

We can shorten this discussion by saying that the universe began due to the vibrating movement of energy and this is ongoing. Additionally all objects in the universe are contributing localized energy into the flow of this universal energy. Furthermore all objects are co-creating the universe and perhaps, in a sense, life itself. Therefore your conscious awakening will ensure that the universe becomes more aware. The awakening of our species consciousness influences the universe very similarly to a wave rippling in the water. It is ultimately each person’s awareness to this state of being that will decide how his or her existence will unfold.

You are the divine presence that has the potential to co-create many things in your existence. Moreover you are helping to co-create the universe. The vibrating energy of the universe can and will manifest according to how you influence it.

Best wishes


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