Vibration of Life: It Flows Everywhere

What is the vibration of life? It is a frequency that all living beings; large and small, are normally synchronized with in every moment. Here again we are confronted with a staggering realization. The advanced developments of our human characteristics have actually been responsible for separating us from this life vibration (life consciousness). Typical human species evolutionary characteristics are intelligence, creativity and emotions. Governing these characteristics is behavioral conditioning. This is why we interpret and define an existence which is mostly separated from the one true life frequency.


Life vibration can be compared to the classical example of a stone being cast into a pool of water. The ripples made by the stone are similar to the vibration made by a species conscious state. This includes all living species. The human characteristics mentioned above use our developed consciousness as a frequency catalyst. An unaware consciousness will generally not realize that it is being manipulated and controlled by the mind. This is way we experience so many uncertainties, fears and confusion each day. It is because our mind generated energy converts consciousness energy into an altered frequency. This corrupts the life vibration in a terrible manner.

This pattern will remain mostly unchanged until inner awareness has awakened enough to show the way back to the portal of universal consciousness. A shift will be felt internally when a person has found the portal once again. The mind and body of any given person will continue to attempt manipulating and dominating our experiences. This will however diminish more and more as a person anchors his or her existence in life consciousness unity.

This will also allow a steady shift in the energy that is released from our human consciousness. We will experience more and more harmony in any given situation once an inner awareness shift has begun. Our human consciousness will thus rejoin with universal consciousness from which we were never actually truly separated. It was only the “mind” that manipulated us into “believing” that there was a separation.

You will be astonished by how everything in your existence takes on a new meaning. An acute state of life awareness will permit you to harmonize your energy with life energy. Thus we will be producing a transformed life vibration that reflects back to us. Suddenly you will experience situations and events that appear nothing short of miracles. This occurs simply through the transition of our species consciousness vibration.

Life Vibration and Awareness

This vibration will be working cooperatively with the life energy instead of against it. We will be more aware of the possibilities that are given us through this bonding with the universal consciousness. We could then return to a state of existence that will unfold naturally. This may first sound very absurd or at the least somewhat unrealistic. It is however quite possible to exist in this state of harmony with life.

We are experiencing a level of human consciousness that permits access to the dimension of life vibration. We only need to put the conditioned past behind us and experience this everlasting moment in its true essence.

Best wishes



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