These videos are a collection of spiritual teachers. Many of the videos were added in correlation to certain blog discussion topics. The topics include: consciousness (life-form & universal), conditioning (behavior, thoughts, emotions), beliefs, self-awareness vs. life-awareness and energy / object manifestation to name a few.

A spiritual teacher is not an individual or group of people that share ideas and insights intended on persuading you, convincing you or instructing you. A spiritual teacher is only mirroring what you already know back to you through the “self”. These videos contain sign posts and stepping stones in the form of words, ideas and insights. These, in themselves,  are not truly significant. The significance or truth lies beyond the mind. The words simply provide a portal by which it is possible to reunite human consciousness with universal consciousness.

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Please write and share any ideas or wishes that you may have pertaining to videos that will contribute to our mental and conscious unity with life energy and universal consciousness. I will gladly add them to this video collection.

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