Volunteer: A Helping Hand

Some people may be familiar with the volunteer work being done by Adil Issah. He is a dedicated and motivated person that gives so much and asks for nothing in return. He and a team of volunteers have been building and teaching throughout the upper western regions of Ghana.


Adil is the Executive Director of Caring Volunteers Network (CAVNET). The organization was developed to help and support people through medical and community development projects. CAVNET also assists in bringing education to children through school building projects and volunteer teachers. 

 Mr. Issah has recently acquired a building that will be renovated for use as the main office for CAVNET. This is a wonderful achievement for Adil and his team. This building will provide the team with a central support office for organization and administrative purposes. The efficient application of project plans, distribution of materials and use of volunteer workers will benefit greatly once the main office is completed.

 Adil has had renovation cost estimates done on the building. He and his team will be doing a lot of the work on the building to cut down on overhead costs as much as possible. Therefore the rooms are to be painted by his team. The cost for paint and materials is estimated at $250.00

Volunteer Work: Helping People in Need

 I have chatted with Adil and offered to write this article in an attempt to raise the sum needed for the project. The money can easily be collected when 25 people would be willing to donate $10.00

 Mr. Issah is making a difference by offering support and help to people, which will allow them to become self-sufficient and productive. There is truly only one race worldwide and that is the human race. Adil is reaching out to people in his region and thus is offering an example of caring and sharing for each person; wherever you may live worldwide.

 The volunteer work provided by Adil and his team is changing how people feel about themselves and at the same time it is uniting people from many areas of the world that are participating in the volunteer work. I hope that you will consider making a donation because Adil is a person that truly cares.

 Thank you and best wishes

Here is the donation link:





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