Water Bottle Filled with Enlightenment

I experienced something many years ago that has offered a long-term lesson relating to presence and enlightenment. This is an exercise in present moment awareness that can be practiced every day. It involves pouring water from a bottle. The key to discovering presence depends on your ability to observe the task and releasing all demands placed on the moment at hand.

Let’s first put this into perspective before we attempt the exercise. Have you every noticed what happens when you pour water from a bottle? I should write this more precisely to clarify the question. How does the water flow from the bottle top opening? Does it flow evenly as it leaves the bottle or does it seem to actually plug the opening?

This becomes obvious when observed from a state of conscious awareness because the water cannot flow evenly after the bottle has been titled beyond a certain degree. The next step is to determine how you feel as the water is poured from the bottle. Do you pour it slowly or fast? What object energy frequency is present in either of these attempts? You may sense the need for urgency as the fluid flows slowly from the bottle. The mind will usually tell you that this task is boring and wishes for it to end. Therefore the mind is already anticipating the next moment instead of experiencing the now.

The mind seems to be satisfied when you pour the water faster but this is sensation is superficial. The mind influenced energy released overshadows everything. You may not even realize that water is flowing from the bottle much the less an acknowledgement of how it flows. This unaware state is a typical behavior pattern for most of our daily experiences.

The Water Is Flowing Now

The now, in itself, is often completely disregarded and your focus is moreover on the content that is superimposed onto the moment. This may not seem significant when first considered. However there is a difference between being aware of presence and reacting unconsciously to a thought, an object or a situation. The moment (presence) is always constant but the object structures within the moment are ever-changing. Here within this realization lies the gateway to enlightenment.

Therefore our prime focus point should firstly be on our awareness to presence and secondly on the content of any given moment. This allows a natural balance to unfold between you and any given situation. Space consciousness will become very clear because you are no longer manipulated or restricted by object structures within the now. Furthermore it will be possible to see all things as an extension of yourself. This deepens our awareness to everything within the moment but we will not become attached or dominated by any given object. The water bottle exercise offers an opportunity to observe the flow of life instead of the objects that are manifesting within this life energy.

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