We are Sharing Life…a little caring…a Heartfelt Thank You

Sharing can be thrilling. It can also be heart-warming, tear-filled or ecstatic. The experience of any given moment is always decided by us. A moment of existence never truly decides what will be shared; we do. Human beings are prone to emotions and mind thoughts. The hustle and bustle of human existence can be distracting; often down-right restrictive. It is often easy to over look that we are sharing something of universal significance in every instant of every experience.

Everything in the universal is in a constant state of sharing. Every object vibrates with the energy impulses of life consciousness. This shared energy resonating around and through every object; down to the smallest molecule or even an atom. We all are familiar with the saying “What comes around goes around”. Life energy consciousness is a prime example of this saying. We could say that universal without this energy would not exists. I am not a scientist therefore I cannot say if this statement is accurate; but it feels accurate. It is this very energy that gives an object form its substance…its isness.


This spectacular energy manifestation is often viewed as something “out there”. Human beings have reached a level of consciousness that leaves us in awe when considering this energy. It is thought to be a force of uncontrollable proportion. A power that only a worthy God can master. What if we are this God? Human beings, life-forms, even supposed non-living objects are conductors of this energy. A God, the universe, human beings and all object forms are singular; not plural. Everything is one being; one God, that is manifesting life. We are all sharing this energy. We are intensifying and distributing it inward and outward. Human beings and other form objects are manifesting and exchanging this energy. Then is it not possible that we are capable of deciding and guiding this magical vibrating energy source?

The state of our species level of consciousness is offering an opportunity for change. The human species; as all other form objects, have always manifested life conscious energy. Now we are aware of this manifestation. This truly gives human beings ready access to this vibrating energy field. This is not a privilege meant for a God that is deemed worthy of knowing the truth about this energy. It is a state of conscious existence that is available to any object form that has consciously awakened. Object forms have always been experiencing the manifestation of this field of energy. The universe is engulfed in it. Human beings are now able to experience it first-hand. This is significant because we can actively participate in how this energy will be manifested in the universe. It is imperative that the human species understand the sheer ramifications that our conscious use and sharing of this life energy truly has on our existence and the expansion of the universe.

Best wishes


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