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I am offering my first book “One Moment in Life” as an eBook / PDF file download to you as a FREE gift. The book has been revised with new text material. A writer’s / author’s blog website consists mainly of written articles and topics of mutual interest that are shared with the reader. This can make it a difficult task to provide visitors with an attractive website experience. My wish is to provide an informative platform that contributes ideas and insights pertaining to our existence and the questions we collectively share about existential experiences and life.


My website is designed as a life awareness portal relating to topics in spirituality, human existence and life. I continue to develop the website with the desire to expand our understanding and provide interesting reading material about these topics.

There will be new sections and pages added to the website on a continual basis. The website also has many videos from various spiritual teachers and philosophers. Additionally there are relaxation / meditation music videos for your listening pleasure and a page devoted to sharing quotes. However the website’s backbone is the articles and exchange of ideas and insights relating to any given topic.

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I am now offering a Newsletter. This will give you the opportunity to receive the latest articles and other information relating to what I and others share. The newsletter will be sent to you as an email each time I post a new article or share upcoming events or book giveaways.

You can either sign up for the newsletter through the attached form below or go to my website to sign up. The newsletter email provides you with weekly articles per email without needing to visit the website or a social media platform to read them.

I wish you a wonderful day.

P.S. The eBook / PDF file works with Amazon Kindle reader or almost any other ebook reader. IceCream Ebook Reader is a popular freeware program to use. The free eBook gift will be AVAILABLE for download until August 1, 2017.

I would be truly grateful if you would consider writing a short Review on Amazon after you have read the book. The review can be writing by anyone that has an Amazon account regardless if you have purchased the book through Amazon or not. The book is easy to find in Amazon. Your review would be greatly appreciated.

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P.S. There will be Amazon eBook promotion from time to time. Please visit my Amazon Author Page, here on the website or Facebook for information on the promotion dates.




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