What is Fate?

What Is Fate? Part One

What is fate? I wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year. I had an interesting experience on New Year’s Eve. This experience allowed me to enter a depth of awareness that seems bottomless. The dimension is incredibly vast. I fall further and further into it with the expectation that the intensity will decline or fade away.

However the opposite is true. The pure depth of conscious emptiness engulfs me such as an astronaut that is overwhelmed by weightlessness.

My state of conscious emptiness was enhanced tremendously through a simple statement made by a guest at the New Year’s party that I had attended. I was speaking with this person about my upcoming book publication. We talked about this website. I shared the wishes that I have concerning writing and spirituality. I explained how I feel that this website could eventually be an interesting hub for people interested in writing and in areas of spirituality (life).

We talked about areas of writing. This person has a genuine desire (passion) to write. I was then told the sentence that pushed me out into an expanding field of energy consciousness. The sentence was: “Our meeting each other must be fate”.

I was instantly blown away. I replied that I don’t personally feel that there is such a thing as “fate”. The conversation tapered off but I was floating in a sea of conscious sensation.

Fate: Is It Real?

What is fate I repeatedly asked myself after the above conversation had ended? We are all familiar with the word. The dictionary defines fate as:
1. The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. “Fate decides his course for him”
1. Be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.

We use synonyms such as “destiny”, “chance”, “luck”, kismet or karma to describe what we know as “fate”.

There is wisdom to be found behind these definitions and interpretations. I will like to make this into a two, perhaps three part Blog entry. We can consider the true reality of “fate” in part two.

Have a great day

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