What is Fate?

What is fate? This is the third article in our discussion.

I wish to offer an alternative to the conventional belief mode concerning fate in our human existence. Here are a few statements that you will probably not want to accept.

There is no deity, outside force or superpower that has anything planned for you. There is one deciding factor that could determine the outcome of your existence as a human being. This one factor is YOU. The reason I write that it could determine your human existence outcome is because a new mode of consciousness is needed to ensure that this will happen. The formula is very simple. What you think, belief or wish is what you will get or become. This will either be something that you eventually decide is good or bad, right or wrong. But even these are decided by you; your thoughts and your beliefs.

The noun and verb dictionary definitions for fate tell us the entire truth. Our level of awareness is significant in feeling the truth within these definitions. A conditioned state of perception can not feel the truth behind the written words.

The noun definition of fate is really telling us that each person as well as (we or humankind) is responsible for determining the chain of events that occur each moment. This is done through a higher level of human form consciousness in cooperation with universal consciousness. We make our own reality as we see it.

The verb definition of fate also reveals the universal truth when seen in a different perspective. Generally all things that transpire in our dimension of human form reality are based on how each person reacts according to his or her understanding of life. I can guarantee you that we have an unbelievable influence over our existence and the existence of everything else in this universe. What you wish for is usually what you will get. We are unfortunately usually not aware enough to understand the actual results of our thoughts or wishes. Many times these occur accordingly and exactly in the manner that we thought or wished them. I can testify to this fact. I witness this daily in my own existence. There are countless examples that I can use. I would be happy to share these with you. Please write me an email or leave a post. We can discuss what I consciously witness daily with an increasing state of awareness. You may have similar events that you were able to understand though an awakened state of awareness. Please share these with us.

Best wishes

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