What is it all about?

Have you every really thought about “it”?
What is “it” all about?
Is it really about yes and no?
Could it be that there is really a right and wrong…a black and white?
The decision to stay or go…who really knows?
Each day we glance in the sky.
We then often ask..Why?

There are things of importance…so tells us our neighbor. “To Be or Not To Be” means nothing at all.
Do as you are told…this is often the advice.
How can this be…what shall we do?
Are the things that we are told to believe truly the ingredients of life? Does anyone really know?
We might suggest that “it“ is not about being “told”. This cannot even truly be spoken. It is not about being “shown…nor about “knowing”.
This knowing is the feeling you have when you sit in the sun. It is the melody of a bird that shares its sweet song. Is this what you know? The soothing rhythm of crickets on a summer eve. This is to be experienced not known or shown.
Then might we say that it is not even about “knowing”. Might we say that “it” is about “it”?

This is no trick. Simply ponder for a moment on “it”. This moment is “it”. The tree in the ground, the sky way up so high are also “it”. The truth and the light may be found in accepting that you, me…everyone and everything is “it”.

The moment that we reawaken to this knowledge may allow the transformation of separation into unity realization. This will then offer tranquility in an universe that is filled with “it”.

The Alan Watts video clips are beautiful. May I suggest closing your eyes and allow the words to cascade through you.

What is it that we are searching for?

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