What is Love?

We have probably all heard the popular song “What is Love?” The song has a nice beat for dancing; but lets be serious. Does anyone really know the meaning of love? We human beings have defined this something that we have named love. The word itself is just another symbol used as an attempt to clarify what we don’t understand.

Love is the most writing about, most talked about and least understood word.

It is likely that almost every individual has a collective understanding of love; in addition to a more personal interpretation of it. This basically makes it practically impossible to truly determine the essence of love. We have this same problem with the essence of life. First there was life. The basic genetics for species traits such as love, anger, sadness and etc were with us from the start. It was not until our self-consciousness reached an advanced level that we started to define what we experienced and felt. Love among others became an obsession for us; it captured our desires and fantasies. Stubbornly we continually interpret it, define it and then at some later point redefine it.

The reference that I wish to indicate is to the relentless human insistence to complicate life and love. Both are simplistic; in their essence. We insist on labeling both with countless interpretations. We build intricate assumption and belief structures to valid the complexity of our existence. Around and around it goes; where and when it stops, nobody knows. The release from all of these self-inflected structures can only be accomplished when our field of awareness has shifted away from the conceptual content influences. We have superimposed these into our existence. It should be possible to regain a state of love / life awareness that will permit an acceptance of our human nature in relation to life consciousness. Then it may be possible for us to exist in a state of unity with life.

Best wishes

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