What is Spirit?

The word spirit is often used in association with a God. Sometimes it is also used in discussions concerning a devil in reference to a God.

What is God? What is the devil? These two words may actually represent the spirit and the mortal person that we are in this moment on the earth. I prefer to think of the devil as nothing more than a symbol or object that mankind has used to represent the ego’s demands and manipulations. The word devil is one definition that we use to define our self-imposed separation from spirit (oneness).

We invited the ego into our human existence. Since then we have moved more and more away from spirit. This moving away from spirit happened and continues to generally happen without us even knowing it. We invented symbols, definitions, and reasons to explain our world and the universe. This is what the ego loves. Defining and judging only increases our continual separation from spirit. This is raw energy for the ego.
The ego demands that the universe should only be seen from the perspective of a human being.

The ego tells us that human beings are somehow separate from the one spirit and can only “earn” our way back to it. Our species has always been aware of the totality of life. This having been said…why is it that we have done our best as a species to separate the human form from it? Basically we do agree that it may be possible to reunite with the spirit. Sadly we have convinced ourselves that this can only be done with great difficulty. The human separation may have been caused by many factors.

The emotions and our beliefs may play an important role in this separation. Our conditioning due to personal and social experiences is a definite contributor to this separation. I am confident that there is a long list of influences that have resulted in a misunderstanding of the universal intelligence. This would also include the evolution of humankind in general.

How is it possible that we are repeatedly persuaded into believing that we have separated ourselves from that which we really are? Although many people and religious groups tell us that we are part of the oneness, we however don’t or can’t truly accept it. We therefore remain confused. There appears to be much confusion in differentiating between our human form and our true essence.

Spirit of Life

We somehow don’t truly accept that the human species can be included in something so beautiful. Religious institutions instruct us to “believe” that they understand the meaning of life. They tell us that eventually we will obtain this understanding, provided we are willing to believe and conform. The word “conform” implies that we should always be seeking and trying to “earn” our right to experience this life consciousness oneness.

We are told that if we keep searching and trying, then one day we will understand the content of spirit, thus understanding life. How can we assume that oneness (totality) has any true content? How is it truly possible to understand life? I don’t feel that it is.
Almost every person from anywhere in this world, when asked to answer honestly, would say that he or she “believes” that there is something else; we often call this a greater purpose. It would appear that we spend most of our human existence searching for a greater purpose. Everything in our personal and collective activities assures us that if we search…we will surely find.

We assume that we are only this person; a human life-form; the majority of people existence only from the human-form-based life interpretations. These individuals assume that everything is based on the life-form into which life has manifested. The ego feeds and grows on such assumptions, but this impairs the human consciousness greatly. I would simply like to ask: must we and should we continually seek something that we already have?

The two included video Links are from Alan Watts. The one video reflects of the nature of the devil; the other on God.

Best wishes to everyone

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