What is your Influence on Life?

This may first appear to be a trick question that I offer only to confuse you. This is however not my intention. What is your influence on life? Human beings generally assume that life influences us; our belief is that we are at lives mercy. We are conditioned to assume that life can not be influenced in any manner. We are taught to do our best “in life”. We are continually taught and shown what is best for us. Religions and science dictate so much on the supposed truths concerning life.


 Religion and science find some elaborate method of manipulation when something occurs that is contrary to long established assumptions, beliefs or humankind based facts.

I do not wish to state that there is only absolute evil or misconceptions in religion or science teachings. That would be ridiculous. There is a foundation of truth in all religious and scientific teachings. This truth is the core of life, the oneness of reality. We have spent thousands upon thousands of years developing our species personal and social behavior to disregard the obvious nature of life. The rapid expansion / complexity of the human brain enabled our species to become more inquisitive, more creative and sadly more complex.

This caused us to; for the most part, sacrifice our humble innocent and harmonistic relationship with life. Humankind steadily separated its new found species self-consciousness from the only true one consciousness. This is when human beings started to belief in an illusion. It is, of course impossible to truly separate ourselves from life. We only “think” that human beings somehow live outside the realm of life. We continue to fool ourselves through the persuasive and sadly manipulative beliefs and guidelines that religion or science demand we accept as truth.

This is a controversial topic which causes most people to choose a side. That is not what we are interested in here. It would be beneficial to discuss these topics from the neutral standpoint of life awareness. This post is worthy of a continuation. I will write a part two over our actual influence over life in the next post. Please write a post/comment or email me if you have something to share.

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