What Time is it? Oh, Let Me see…It is Now

“Out of time” “I have no time” These are common statements used to describe our interpretation of now. Many may wish to suggest that “time” is a universal concept. I do not wish to agree or disagree with your ideas, opinions or insights. However I do feel that we could look at “time” a little closer.

I hear many people say in passing haste…“I never have any time.” I delight in hearing this statement; no ill will intended. I usually respond to it by saying that these are words filled with wisdom and insight. No one has any time because there is no time. I understand that we; especially in regards to spirituality, use the terms “There is only this moment.” or “There is only the now.” These statements can be useful for us but are only stepping stones to enlightenment and not actually “it”.


Let us make two considerations. There are two manners by which we can view this defined state of time. There is implied time and there is psychological time.

The key for us lies in realizing that both are human-made concepts. The first factor (implied time) initiates the unfolding of the second (psychological time). Implied time is our assumption about the universe. We see stars and planets revolving around one another in the universe. We; through intelligence with a tad of consciousness, impose a mathematical formula on this occurrence. It is then said that because science / math gives us the means to measure the rotation of the earth around the sun; this is called “time”. Human beings have acquired a need to measure our existence. Therefore it is humanly logical that this universal object movement will be interpreted and defined. This is the implied time structure we have placed on a universe that knows no limits or time.

Time is an Illusion

The second factor (psychological time) is what contributes to the complexity of humankind existence. Again to say; we are human beings that have devised a means by which we can measure our activities. This is to be taken as it is. The complexity does not occur simply from the interpretation used to measure our existence. It occurs due to what the mind does with this concept. The unaware mind allows concepts to psychological manipulate and restrict the flow of itself and thus life-form conscious energy.

We mentally project ourselves forward and backward using a concept of time as the foundation for this mental movement. This will most often result in frustration, anxiety, fear and non-fulfillment of our very existence in the instant of “actual” isness or being. A practical exercise would be to accept the “time” structure placed on us by our creative logic but not to become a part of it.

It may be beneficial for human mind and consciousness development to “Be in this world, but remember we are not of this world”. This dissolves the restrictions placed on us through religion, science and all other conceptual structures.


Best wishes

P.S. Wikipedia offers information about the concept of time that may be interesting to read.




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