Who Are You, Really?

Who are you is not a reference to the hit song from The Who “Who Are You” in 1978. Here we are of course talking about your essence. The world of humankind is determined to tell you who you are. We are influenced by people and situations every day. We are conditioned by these encounters and experiences. This contributes greatly to produce a state of insecurity about ourselves in respect to the universe and life.


Many; perhaps most of us, become so preoccupied by these influences that we spend our existence in an energy field comprised of doubt, worry and fear. We claim to not know who we are. The world of humankind tells you that it is essential to find out who you are in order to prosper. We are giving many existence content objects and structures which are to help us find out who we are. These content factors have changed throughout the course of our existence development. Our existence as human beings is full of complexity. This is also true in human content areas used to determine and establish who you are in universe.

One terrible repercussion of these conditioned behavioral patterns and influences is to found in our state of awareness. We are so confused about the human ordeals of the world that we have become insensitive to the field of life energy. Each person generally has conditional reactions that are continually influenced by situations and other people. This numbs any real life awareness that could occur. This can be very perplexing. A true state of life awareness is possible by being aware of awareness. I first heard this statement from Eckhart Tolle in his teachings. It sounds funny when you first hear it. It does however embody the actuality of becoming enlightened or set free. Additionally being aware that your human consciousness is being aware will allow the conflicts between human consciousness and universal life consciousness to fade away.

Who are you, Really?

The human consciousness is none other than a portal to life. Therefore we would probably be much more “in balance with life” if it were not for our higher level of species consciousness. The human mental state is not actually burdened by the human consciousness. The opposite is true. Our consciousness is manipulated and restricted greatly by our mental state. Response patterns and conditioned behavior also reduce any real continual awareness of life. The content forms of our existence weigh heavily on consciousness awareness and development.

Again and again individuals feel devastated by the seemingly overwhelming existence manipulations. These occur because individuals often remain dulled to the significance of life consciousness. Who are you is not really a difficult question. “You are”. That would be more than enough if we did not have the human content complexity in our existence. Consider how a bird would live if it spent its existence asking itself “Who am I?” It would perhaps never fly if it listened to what the other birds said it is or what the bird should become. Who are you, really?

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