Who is Responsible?

Who is responsible?

Are you responsible for how you feel? Do you really know the answer or are you more comfortable in blaming a situation or person for how you feel. This discussion is not about “who is to blame”. No one is in actuality “to blame”. The key is to be found in who is responsible. Being responsible does not imply “looking for” or “placing” blame on anything or anyone. This discussion is about understanding that responsibility means knowing that you decide what will happen in any moment. This sounds tricky doesn’t it? You are probably saying “How can I be responsible for many of the situations that occur every day?”

I am not writing about what can or has happened to you. I am, however writing about how you felt during any given situation. How you feel or react to a person or situation is strictly your choose. You may think or belief that the person or situation must be the reason for how you feel. This is not true. This is no more true than believing that a God is responsible for you and how you feel. It will not help us to put the blame on a God or anything else for that matter.
This topic ties in with our last blog article concerning acceptance. This is how accepting anything and everything at any given moment will set you free. Nothing else is really needed in order for you to feel in balance with life. That is really what we are referring to in our search for answers. We are hoping to find a balance between our form existence and life.

You are responsible for how you feel in every moment. A higher state of life awareness is necessary otherwise the influences of the situation will restrict or stop you from feeling life; thus knowing that everything is okay. The given moment is unfolding just as it is; whether you belief that it is bad or good. It won’t even really change anything if you like or dislike the given moment that is unfolding. Defining a situation in any such way will only fuel the mental illusions about what is really transpiring. A person can become literally lost in his or her own mental and or emotional assumptions about a given situation.

This is definitely not being responsible. Assuming or defining a given moment according to unconscious conditional patterns is doomed to fail. We might go so far as to say that in giving the responsibility to the situation or a person we are functioning strictly from form existence. This contributes to the feelings of isolation that we experience. This separation is two fold; one from the level of form consciousness and second from life consciousness. This will leave a person truly alone and disconnected from other species and from life essence.

The video clip suggest methods to stop blaming everyone and everything for how you feel. I hope that it will provide helpful sign posts for your inward journey.

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