Why are Human Beings always reaching for More?

Reaching out to obtain more of something; anything, appears to be a part of human nature. When this started and why is irrelevant to now. Isn’t it time for us to awaken consciously as a species? The world of humankind is constantly devoting vast amounts of resources and energy to find other sources to compensate for a lack of something. This “lack of” is a species inflicted delusion.

We may have convinced ourselves that there is a shortage of practically everything but perhaps this should be reconsidered. Reaching out, in terms of species development may have and may still serve a given purpose for our existence. This pattern of reaching out has pushed our mental and physical attributes to higher levels. However there is strong evidence that this method of constantly reaching out has and can backfire. We often spin our wheels but do not get very far.

Reaching Deeper Consciousness

There is an abundance of various resources that can be used for the benefit of humankind. There is enough money in circulation to provide for every person in the world. The ration of healthy people to unhealthy people indicates that there is more health than non-health; generally speaking. Furthermore there is also more love then hate to be experienced; universally. Yet we complain about everything and there is frustration everywhere. This is because reaching out for more compels us to want more.

The ability to understand the vastness of everything; even the content of our human existence, can be found within life conscious energy. This does not need to be considered from a spiritual standpoint. There is an unlimited amount of energy and more is being produced in each blink of an eye. I am not referring to energy as we generally term it; power generated to produce electricity and such things. The reference to energy infers the universal energy frequency. This energy has been there long before human beings. It is continuously nurtured, expanded and experienced through itself.

We and all object forms are recycling this energy. This is why our level of awareness to this universal consciousness energy can initiate change. The only reason we do not experience “enough of anything” is because we do not want to experience it. This is true whether we are speaking about natural resources, money, health, love or universal consciousness. Object forms are capable of manifesting from the unmanifested vastness of the totality. Life-forms such as human beings are even aware of this miracle; yet we choose to continue down a path containing insufficiency. We have perhaps not chosen this path but “now” we can choose to stop repeating conditioned behavior. It is our choice.

Best wishes to everyone

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