Why is the World Against Me?

How many times have you asked yourself this question? “Why is the world against me?” Often; in desperation, we even ask other human beings this question. What does the world want from me? Why is everything and everyone against me? These are typical thought patterns that accompany the statement “why is the world against me?”

Have you every considered how absurd this sounds? The world is against me. I visualize a person standing there alone on a battlefield when I read such a sentence. This person is forced to go to war with every person, situation and thing that is part of this illusion. It is actually quite humorous; but again I have a big fantasy. The point to consider is to be found in the actuality of such an allegation.

Is the world actually against you? No; definitely not. Even in a war situation one man is normally not “against” another man. Technically we could say that; depending on the cause of war, two different sides are forced or motivated into claiming allegiance and fight. War is not a personal thing, although some people “take” it very personally for different reasons. I am definitely not qualified to discuss such issues. Significant is for us to consider that normally no one or no thing is truly “against” us.

There is one exception to the sentence above. The one element in any confrontation or situation that determines who or what is supposedly against you is the self made image of the true self. You, I or any other person “chooses” who is against us. When I say “choose” I of course do not mean that we pick who or what is against us from a list. The choice occurs when the mind lashes out in an attempt to explain a confrontation or situation.

You Against You

We take many occurrences very personally; although any given situation usually does not have anything to do with each of us “personally”. There is usually also no given person that seriously has something “against” you. We (the me in I) however wants to find something that can be blamed when either situations or confrontations do not meet our wishes or expectations.

This is when our old friend “acceptance” can come to our aid. It can eliminate all excuses and demands for explanations in any situation. Acceptance and a willingness to be aware of the realness behind the human existence masquerade will open space in all areas of our daily activities.

You will be going about you daily activities and suddenly be fully aware of the free space in everything. We can feel how everything is “working” without concern, anxiety or fear. Spontaneously everything that recently didn’t seem to work is gone. It is a wonderful blissful feeling. I can not truly explain it in words, but I can testify to it.

Best wishes

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