Wildfire Before Divine Realization

Have you ever observed a wildfire burning in a field or forest? It usually starts with a single spark and rapidly spreads out engulfing everything within its path. This is very similar to what can happen when thoughts, emotions and the ego are not actively observed.

Furthermore this can consume all awareness to the present moment due to the intensive mind energy surrounding a particular thought or feeling. You may be enjoying an experience and suddenly the mind sets off a spark of thoughts that ignite a wildfire. What happened? A moment ago (clock time) you felt balanced and in harmony with the universe around you and life. Now you are agitated and confused without even really knowing why.

You may think that your lack of awareness is because of traffic, the boss or a baby crying but what you think is not necessarily based on what you are experiencing; rather on how you are experiencing it. This is in reference to whether you are living from the mind or living consciously.

Anxiety and fear are two common emotions that are very similar to a wildfire; metaphorically speaking. A person may not even notice anxiety due to its natural symptoms until it is burning through you in what will seem an unstoppable manner. Fear that is created due to illusionary past, present or future scenarios of the mind also are often not truly recognized until this fire has devoured the moment and living consciously.

Wildfire of the Mind

However this is also just an illusion of the mind. This is because you can only be present in the moment or to say it another way you can only exist now. Therefore being anxious or fearful about this moment is usually not based on an immediate danger or so-called problem. Nevertheless this is what the mind tells you and a thought or emotion can inflame your state of presence just like a wildfire ignites everything.

Nonetheless a wildfire of the mind also offers opportunities for conscious awakening and divine recognition. It seems to take on many forms as it overwhelms everything in its surroundings. Still it is possible to stay one conscious step beyond the fire while you allow it to be what it is and then it will pass. The aftermath may be surprising as you observe everything suddenly bursting with color and life. The charred landscape of the mind suddenly experiences life beyond existence structures and accepts the present moment without intervention.

Please do not allow the wildfires in your mind to consume your awareness of this moment beyond its content. You are responsible for the mind and not the other way around.

Best wishes



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